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Summer M

September 2018

Nev is such an amazing human being and an amazing trainer. She has helped me in so many ways which I am so grateful for. Not only is she making me stronger physically but also mentally as well. Furthermore she has been helping me overcome the most worst times of my life and gives me hope that I can become healthy again!! She pushes u in the workouts and is so motivational. Furthermore she has personally guided me in so many ways and is so caring. I love her so much and I would reccomend her 200 percent out of 100. She is that amazing! I am honestly so grateful to have met such an inspiring and beautiful human being in my life. She is helping me thrive again and she is so invested in her clients!

Lolly W

February 2018

Nev is amazing. I'm in my late 40's and started out with very little strength and experience in the gym and she did a great job of teaching and guiding me, taking extra precautions to ensure I didn't push too hard in the beginning and hurt myself. I started to see results after just a few sessions as she ramped up the intensity of exercises and as my stamina and strength improved. She is a great motivator and coach. She's charismatic and fun and super flexible with scheduling. I highly recommend her!!

Tahl T

December 2017

Nev is the best trainer ever. She is incredibly motivational, deeply caring and kind. If you're not fit or feeling tired she will adapt to help you and keep you on track, but can challenge you and improve you no matter what your level, even those who are athletes looking for a knowledgeable trainer. My dad in his 80s, my husband and kids have all trained with Nev. She has excellent formal credentials and serious knowledge about the body, training and nutrition. I LOVE NEV AND CANT RECOMMEND HER HIGHLY ENOUGH. JUST DO IT- CALL NEV!!!

Siri K

August 2017

Nev is awesome!! She really tailors workouts to your fitness level and goals. She always challenges me and pushes me to the limit, but is so encouraging and somehow makes it fun in the process. She even helps with nutrition and meal planning. She really knows her stuff! Plus she is super flexible with scheduling and she will travel to you!! I started training with her about 6 weeks ago and have already seen amazing results in both the way I look and the way I feel - and so much progress on the scale! I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Harini C

March 2017

Nev is an amazing trainer, her workouts are catered to your body type, fitness levels and do wonders to your physique. She always pushes you to your limit, thus making you stronger with each workout. There are no shortcuts with her! Her workouts are a good combination of strength training and cardio where you leave feeling challenged, exhilarated and accomplished. What sets Nev apart from other personal trainers is that each workout with her is completely different, never boring and she adds her personal touch of motivation, which we keep coming back for. I would definitely recommend that you try her out if you are looking for a fun, motivating & challenging personal trainer who is personally vested in ensuring that you succeed in achieving your fitness goals.

Mark R

November 2016

I have been training with Nev for about a year and she is by far the best trainer I have used. Every week is a different work out. Every week is tough, but she has increased my stamina, endurance and recovery. I feel the best I have in years and have improved my basketball game and my skiing. In addition, she has helped me overcome chronic pain in my hip and has helped my wife strengthen her back. She is an amazing trainer and human being. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Brain K

June 2016

I've always been a bit on the heavier side of things and finally hit a point 3 months ago when I just got fed up with being unhappy about my body and fitness level. I stumbled upon Nev's card on a bulletin board and calling her has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. She applies just the right mix of humor, encouragement and straight up physical challenge to get amazing results. She also comes to the gym in my building every week and is incredibly flexible with scheduling. I'm nearly 20 pounds lighter and have markedly improved muscle definition all over my body and couldn't be happier. Each week targets a different set of muscle groups according to a plan she makes specifically geared towards what you want to get out of your work together. If you're considering hiring a trainer you should call her immediately, you won't regret it.

Abi R

June 2016

In December of 2014, I was feeling really fed up. I'd been traveling a ton for work, not consistently working out or eating well, and I could see it negatively impacting my body. I'd gained 15-20 pounds in the past 3 years, and I partially blame that lovely comfort of a long term relationship. But enough was enough, we were starting to discuss marriage, and the idea of being kind of tubby and tired for my wedding sent me over the edge. I needed a lifestyle adjustment. So I went on Yelp and found Nev. I use Yelp like a best friend, and yet have written a review- that's what impact Nev has had on my life over the last 3+ months. Yes, I've lost 5 pounds, and yes, I feel more toned, less tired, and more in control, but Nev has been more than a workout accomplishment, she is truly a life coach. Working out can be daunting, especially if like me, you have never been the most athletic person, and at the gym can spend an hour breaking a sweat but not really DOING anything. Nev is tough, gives you exercises that exhaust your muscles, but is constantly checking in to make sure you are doing them accurately without injury. She is an extremely positive person, but not in an annoying cheerleader type of way, she makes you want to try your damndest, and then she pushes you even beyond. I swear I couldn't tell you what specific exercises we did the first few sessions, because I was just a tired pool of sweat by the end, but I knew I wanted to continue. She also helps with what you're eating, what vitamins you should be taking, and she even encourages me to send her texts of what I'm eating while traveling to keep me honest. Nev wants you to succeed and hit your goals, and she's even more excited than you are as you start to get there. I'm now happily engaged, and pretty pumped to have 10 months to continue on this journey with Nev to get in shape for my wedding and beyond (she won't be allowed to get rid of me after we're married!). I've also already started to get comments on my butt (which is Nev's specialty), my face looking more lean, and my arms looking more toned. Hard to complain about that! Part of me doesn't want to write this review so I can keep this amazing trainer and coach to myself, but I know she has the energy to help others. And did I mention she comes to my house with all her equipment? You can't even try to escape or be lazy with that! She is definitely a great investment, thank you Yelp for helping me find her!

Jim M

April 2016

I have been working with Nev for almost a year now. Of my many previous trainers she is by far the best. She has a unique ability to tailor your work out to your exact needs. After coming off a month of not working out due to illness she Nev knew where to push me and where to back of instinctually. I would highly recommend Nev.

Thomas B

December 2015

Nev is the greatest! Not only is she one of the most positive people on the planet, she truly cares about YOUR individual training and dietary needs. When you work out with her, you're training with a friend who will push you exactly where you need to be- sore and smiling! I get so excited for every training session because she makes it so much fun! And I was amazed to see changes in my body after just a few sessions. Trust me, there's no one better in Seattle!

Kim P

March 2015

I've been working out with Nev for about 6 months and I can definitely see results. I've worked out with personal trainers in the past and quit after a few months because I wasn't feeling super motivated or challenged. Nev's bubbly personality and can-do spirit really pushes you during the hour workout and keep on track during the week. I have never had so much fun working out! She comes to our apartment gym and is super flexible about scheduling. Do yourself a favor and book a session with Nev! I can't recommend her enough.

Nicole S

December 2014

I started working out with Nev only a month ago and I'm already down a dress size. Sure I could watch YouTube videos all day long but it doesn't compare to having Nev show me the right way to do the exercises, correct my form and provide encouragement and laughter. Nev changes up the routines based on how my body is feeling and what my body needs - every workout is my body specific. When I told her I blew out my arms she changed my routine on the fly to work out a different part of my body. If you decide this year is the year you're gonna stop wishing and hoping you'll get in shape you won't regret working out with Nev.

Brain Y

October 2014

I have never posted a Yelp review before, but sometimes you find something so good that you have to recommend it to others. I found Nev right after I moved to Seattle. I decided that I needed to loose a lot of the weight I had put on during my adult years. Not only did she quickly and effectively knock off the weight, she was able to get me back to the same physical strength I had as a college football player almost 20 years ago. The only thing more impressive than Nev as a trainer is Nev as a person. She is totally committed to her clients, and more importantly, she legitimately cares about them. She makes herself available at all times and truly cares about your success. Nevrize is the ABSOLUTE best personal trainer in Washington.

LeAnne L

September 2014

Nevrize is truly one of a kind. After years of repeated physical injuries from work and outdoor play, I found myself overweight and well under a decent fitness level for a 39 year old woman. I had never employed a personal trainer, but was to the point where I was willing to give it a try and hope to find someone who really knew their stuff. Hoenstly, I'm still unsure where the four-leaf clover was stuck to me when I found Nev's ad. During the very first workout I knew she was a rare find. Nev has a wealth of knowledge partnered with a great sense of humor and an honest desire for those she works with to succeed. Her humor, timing and upbeat attitude make workouts go by so fast the only way you know time is passing is by the sweat on your brow. The check-ins between workouts are very encouraging and have been above and beyond. Nev's dedication and commitment are inspirational and help keep my goals in focus. After 10 sessions with her, my fitness level increased more than I thought it could in such a short time. The only downside: It won't be long before everyone looking for an outstanding personal trainer will be hearing Nev's name. 9/1/2010 Update: It's been just over 8 months that I've been working out weekly with Nev. She now comes to my office and has added a few of my co-workers to her client list. After they saw my 30+ weight loss and clothes sizes dropping I couldn't keep hidden what I was up to...darn! Besides how amazing I'm feeling and looking it's fantastic seeing first hand how quick my co-workers are picking things up and being more and more charged to keep on track!

Dan Z

September 2014

Nev is a fantastic and very professional trainer. I am a big guy who has been working out for a few years, so when a friend recommended me to try a personal trainer, I was skeptical. How would Nev help me after hitting the gym every week for years and knowing the drill? Boy was I wrong... Nev didn't come with a template workout but helped create one tailored to my fitness needs. Along with being friendly and motivating, she helped me transform my workout schedule, routine, exercises and nutrition. Less than a month after starting to work with Nev, I already felt the impact of our workouts on how my body looks and feels, and I keep getting stronger and healthier as we work together. Another thing which sets Nev apart from many trainers is her attention to muscle fatigue and avoiding injuries. While our workouts are no joke and she is demanding, her top priority is to make sure my body is healthy and I don't overwork any muscle into an injury. She constantly monitors for any signs of pain, both during workouts but also through follow ups between workouts, which she does out of dedication as I only pay for the actual workouts. I am very happy with Nev's work and warmly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health and physique.

Dilek P

April 2014

Nevrize is such an amazing trainer. After I came to the USA, my eating habits changed and I gained 10 lbs. I didn't know what to do, so I asked her for help. Of course she was there for me. Th only problem was that I was far from her. She planned some exercises and sent me as videos, but it was not enough by itself. I needed some dietary suggestions. Nevrize is well-educated, and has enough experience, so she helped me with it. It took some effort to get back in shape, thanks to Nevrize, I did it. She is such a professional and hard-working person, and she will be there when you need her.

Ankita P

January 2014

I used to try to do a little cardio on my own every now and then but used to fail to keep up with a regular schedule due to lack of will power. As a result with time I put on a lot of weight. Working out with Nev was the best decision I made. I have never been so excited to workout in my life. I actually look forward to working out with Nev every week. Nev is a great motivator and makes me want to do better with every session. She pushes me to do things which I never thought I would be able to do in my entire life. She personalizes the workout sessions according to your requirements and stamina. I have a slight ligament stretch in my left knee and Nev told me a couple of exercises to help me recover my knee injury. Regularly doing those exercises have made me confident about my knee and made it possible for me to do a wider range of exercises. Along with great workout advice she also gives strong nutritional guidance and motivates you to continue eating healthy. She is constantly in touch with you and regularly inquires about how you are doing with your eating and exercising. She has extensive knowledge about human body and its inner working and always makes it a point that I understand which muscle I am suppose to use and benefit from a particular exercise. She is full of energy, friendly and at the same time a solid trainer. I would definitely recommend Nev for all those who are thinking about getting into shape and become fit but have not been able to commit.

Elizabeth P

March 2012

Nev is an awesome trainer and very professional. I highly recommend her. She's especially good with pregnant women who crave a weekly workout.

Au N

October 2011

Nevrize is AWESOME! She pushed me to new exercising limits and I am very sore today. Her body shows the results you can have and she actually helps you enjoy working out. I liked it better when we were done ... but I know the results will be worth it.

Mouth M

May 2009

There is only one word to describe Nev: miracleworker. I was in a fitness plateau, treading away at the gym and the scale wasn't moving. I saw her card and decided to go for it. I am so glad I did. The main thing I would say about Nev is that she makes you do things you never believed you could do-in the very best way possible. Because of this, she gets results. I lost five pounds in about five weeks, pounds I hadn't been able to lose on my own in months. My clothes fit better, my step is more confident, and I can't believe my new rockstar strength. While taking bikini pictures in Lake Chelan on vacation this weekend, my big smile paired perfectly with my tinier tummy. Nev's energy is so infectious, her smile so bright, she encourages you to push yourself without ever acting like a drill seargent. Best of all, she is a good, patient listener and will adjust the moves to what you need while still delivering results. Nev rocks-hire her immediately and you will NEVER go back.